Top-Rated Westminster CO Dentist, Dr. Jorge Rojas Transforms Smiles with Invisalign

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Cosmetic braces have been the gold standard in teeth straightening for almost half a century now. It is every patient’s go-to option for fixing crooked teeth, but orthodontists no longer limit clients to cosmetic braces. Dr. Jorge Rojas at Monarch Family Dental of Westminster offers an excellent alternative – Invisalign treatment, one of the most recent advancements in orthodontics.

Programs geared toward perfecting the Invisalign only started around two decades ago. Before that, patients had no alternative to cosmetic braces.

Invisalign doesn’t have wires and brackets—it uses a colorless and virtually invisible retainer to straighten crooked teeth. It may look like a regular retainer, but the powerful mechanism has just as much constricting power as traditional cosmetic braces. Dr. Rojas and his staff will guide you through the painless process.

The Advantages of Using Invisalign

Invisalign offers several advantages over cosmetic braces, including:

  • Brace-Free Smiles: Invisalign treatments do not block your teeth with wires and brackets. It is a popular alternative among patients who want to keep their teeth brace-free at all times.
  • Easy Cleaning: A common issue with braces is challenging cleaning. Patients realize how dirty it gets every time they go for a checkup. With Invisalign, you can brush your teeth as you normally would without any special tools or brushes—remove the tray, brush your teeth, clean the tray, and put them back.
  • Overall Safety: Braces are hazardous—even a slight nudge on the face could cause bleeding, depending on the sensitivity of the gums and cheeks. It prevents patients from participating in sports and physical activities. Invisalign, though, is safe and removable so that patients don’t have to worry about mouth injuries.
  • No Food Limitations: Unlike cosmetic braces, chewing on hard, crunchy food when you’re wearing an Invisalign won’t cause pain.
  • Fewer Appointments: Those wearing Invisalign only need to visit their orthodontists every six weeks or so. Other teeth-straightening treatments require checkups once or even twice a month, so the costs and time accumulate quickly.
  • Comfort: Invisalign trays are generally more comfortable than braces—there are no wires or brackets to stab the delicate interior of the mouth, and it is easy to slip in and out when needed.


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Invisalign’s Teeth Straightening Process

For the Invisalign to work, one needs to wear it for an average of 20 to 22 hours every day.

It gives you a two- to four-hour leeway where you can remove the tray, like when you’re engaged in sporting activities, among others.

Similar to cosmetic braces, you can expect to wear retainers after the Invisalign treatment process. Most patients have prescribed retainers full-time for four to six months after the Invisalign treatment is done.

Afterward, they will only have to pop in the retainer at night. It is to prevent the tooth structure from reverting back to its original shape before the new shape has been set.

Consult with the Experts Today!

Talk to the experts at Monarch Family Dental of Westminster today to find out whether an Invisalign treatment is right for you. A complete oral checkup will reveal what programs would work best for your teeth structure. Just ask Dr. Jorge Rojas and the friendly, helpful staff to guide you through your options.

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