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Restorative dentistry covers a broad range of procedures. One dentist may use the term to describe the restoration of a tooth’s structure, and another may lump fillings and sealants into the same category.

Monarch Family Dental feels that the distinction is less important. What counts is that the dentist uses the correct procedure for the situation. The team at Monarch Family Dental discusses each method in detail with patients beforehand, so they know what to expect. 

Some of the restorative procedures the practice provides are implants, bridges, CEREC crowns, and root canals.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a relatively modern invention. Patients with missing teeth find them useful in restoring normal function, aesthetics, and reducing bone loss. Implants provide a permanent replacement for teeth or a solid anchor for dentures.

The dentist implants a titanium post into the missing tooth’s socket. It takes between six and twelve weeks for the bone to grow around the post and secure it.

In the second phase, Dr. Jorge Rojas will attach a crown to simulate a natural tooth.

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge replaces a series of missing teeth. The dentist may anchor the bridge in one of two ways:

  • Using implants: Dentists prefer to use implants because they’re better anchors
  • Bonding to surrounding teeth: This method is fast becoming outdated and requires the dentist to bond the bridge to the surrounding teeth

Same-Day Crowns (CEREC)

Monarch Family Dental uses a CEREC machine to provide same-day crowns. This state of the art technology reduces the amount of time a patient spends in the dentist’s chair.

The dentist takes high-resolution images of the teeth instead of impressions. They feed the images into specialized software to create a perfect virtual reproduction of the mouth. The computer relays the information to a specialized 3-D printer. The patient’s crown is ready within minutes as opposed to days.

Root Canals

The words “root canal” strike fear into the heart of many patients. When the procedure was in its infancy, it was a painful procedure. Thanks to modern pharmaceuticals, that’s no longer the case.

Today dentists ensure the entire area is numb before beginning the procedure. They’ll then drill a tiny hole into the enamel, using this hole to extract the diseased pulp.

When the doctor is confident all the pulp is gone, they rinse the cavity with an antiseptic liquid to kill off any remaining bacteria. The dentist then fills the cavity and seals the hole to prevent any other bacteria or germs from getting inside the root.

At most dental practices, patients must wait a week or two while Dr. Rojas creates a crown for the tooth. At Monarch, the dentist can make the crown within minutes, protecting the tooth immediately and restoring it to its original function.

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