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With conventional dentistry, patients in need of a crown typically have an initial appointment just for the dentist to evaluate their teeth and get the details that they need to create the crown. The patient then has to wait to schedule a second appointment, allowing the dentist or lab the time they need to make the crown. They’ll then need to come back in for the crown to be installed.

With the innovative E4D system, Dr. Jorge Rojas can do all of this on the same day. This system saves patients both time and money because they only need to make a single appointment.

When Does a Patient Need a Dental Crown?

Dental crowns repair damaged teeth or to improve the aesthetic of broken teeth. They are also usually necessary after a root canal treatment. Crowns may cap the teeth or cover the whole tooth.

This procedure is especially useful in cases where chipped teeth are problematic. The crown replicates the shape of a healthy tooth. The color matches the natural color of the teeth.

Crowns are also useful for saving a cracked tooth. Capping a cracked tooth prevents bacteria from getting into the inner pulp cavity of the tooth. It’s crucial to seal off these kinds of cracks and chips. If the dentist repairs these damaged teeth quickly, it’s possible to save the tooth.

If the patient puts off going to the dentist, there’s a high risk of developing an infection. Once that happens, the options are more limited. Patients will need to undergo root canal treatment or have the tooth pulled.

The E4D System

The E4D system harnesses the power of Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing. It’s one of the very latest techniques in dentistry today. The scanning device takes the guesswork out of creating dental appliances. The technology is useful in creating:

  • Dental devices
  • Crowns
  • Inlays
  • Onlays
  • Veneers

With traditional crowns, the dentist uses a putty tray to get an impression of the tooth. It’s a tried and true method, but not as accurate as the E4D system.

With the E4D system, Dr. Rojas uses a handheld laser scanner to get a picture of the tooth. The scanner produces a high-resolution 3D image of your mouth. He then transfers this information to the milling machine with instructions on what device to create.

The milling machine crafts the required appliance from tooth-colored ceramic. After a short wait for the machine to finish, Dr. Rojas bonds the newly milled crown to the tooth.

Schedule an Appointment to Learn More About CEREC (Same-Day Crowns)

Patients can book a consultation online (on the practice’s website) or by calling in. Dr. Rojas will evaluate the condition of a patient’s teeth first, and then discuss a treatment plan with them. If the patient needs a crown, Dr. Rojas will create it then and there.

That’s one less nerve-wracking visit to the dentist for each patient.

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